Eurosteamer GHM 23000

Designation:GHM 23000
Steam output:23000 kg/h
Dimensions:10,2 ˣ 4,8 ˣ 4,2 m
Installation in:GH module
Transport weight:65000 kg
Medium:Saturated steam
Triggering overpressure SV:10 - 20 bar (or on request)
Boiler adjustment range:Pressure range: 4.5 - 14 bar
Max. operating pressure:ca. 20 bar
Fuel:Heating oil or natural gas
Natural gas connection:DN 200 / PN 25 depending on gas pressure
Safety equipment:EN 12953 / 72h
Connection line: A / V:Permanent connection 5-pole / 400V
150 A protection
Flue system / height:Stainless steel chimney stack
Chimney stack height:10m to 13m or on request
Steam high pressure Flange:DN 150 / PN 40
Connection line:Recommendation with fixed piping
Steam low pressure:DN 150/ PN 40
Cooler blow-down:Customer-provided
Water treatment:Customer-provided softening
Residual hardness monitoring:Existing
Feed water treatment:External softening
Pressure reduction station:0.2 - 10 bar existing
Frost protection device:If desired
Remote monitoring:Optional
Flexible connection line:As required
Dosing system:Included
Exterior colour:
  • Connection accessories:
  • Oil tank
  • Osmosis system
  • Heat recovery
  • Condensate monitoring
  • Adaptation of the chimney height
Quality features:
  • Galvanised steel construction
  • Flexible sizes
  • Exterior colour can be selected
  • With noise reduction panels if desired
  • Exhaust gas and supply air noise suppressor