Heavy transport of two hot water boilers

Schwertransport Heißwasserkessel2

Two hot water boilers | 13 bar | 24.99 MW

Today at noon, two hot water boilers (13 bar, 24.99 MW) were loaded at our plant for a power plant company near Hanover. With the help of our lifting load bridge, the two 40-ton boilers were lifted smoothly and precisely onto almost 30-meter-long drop deck loaders. A third truck was needed to load the steel scaffolding, stairs, platforms and plant equipment. After everything was safely prepared for transport, the hot water boilers left for Hanover in the evening hours. After on-site installation, our qualified fitters will also take care of the piping construction. At Hagelschuer, all boiler plants are basically completely assembled in the assembly halls. The equipment is then suitably disassembled for transport. In this way, we keep assembly times as short as possible during installation.

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Impressions from the loading