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  • The first steam central unit in the boiler house made of prefabricated concrete elements

    Hagelschuer expands its product portfolio. The variably tested building system made of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements meets all requirements of the European product standard DIN EN 13978-1.

    Precast concrete elements instead of container construction, read the complete article here.
  • NEW offer – "GH 3000" steam boiler

    Quickly ready for use due to extremely short delivery time!
    The three-pass 3000 kg/h steam boiler system with 16 bar maximum operating pressure. Equipped with commercially available components – "Made in Germany". With highly efficient economiser, gas firing incl. all gas fittings and much more.

    Price ex works: 111,000.00 € net

    Here you get directly to the offer!
  • Feed water modules from now on a precise offer configured quickly and at short notice!

    Feed water modules including integrated feed pumps, blow-down pressure reducers, on request including water treatment, sampling cooler, residual hardness control device, various vapour heat exchangers, etc. – everything completely formatted ready for connection and maximally wired.

    See for yourself!
  • Mobile steam generators for rent!

    From 600 kg/h - 25000 kg/h - the largest product portfolio in Germany! Hagelschuer the specialist for temporary steam supply!

    See for yourself - this way to our rental boilers!
  • Steam boilers in a container!

    Hagelschuer complete centres in the GH Container are an intelligent, flexible alternative to conventional systems. Simply plug & work into the operational infrastructure and off you go!

    You can find more information here!


Georg Hagelschuer GmbH & Co. KG

We install new steam boilers and condensate systems according to individual specifications, or we modify existing systems. Additionally, we offer connection-ready steam plants in containers - within 24 hours if required.

Furthermore, Hagelschuer supplies consumables, spare and system parts via its web shop.

Full steam ahead in Denmark and Sweden together with E-TEK

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Hagelschuers "Ready-2-Plug-and-Steam" systems are available for Denmark and Sweden and Hagelschuers Mobile Boiler House and ECOskid systems are ready for use on site in the shortest possible time, even with large capacities. Do you need steam?



You can reach Mr. Buch and his team as follows:



Do you need steam? All Hagelschuer systems, components and rental boiler systems are now available via E-TEK including the wide knowledge of Kristian and his team - for end customers as well as for other system manufacturers and plant builder.



CAL Trading B.V. in the Netherlands

Click here to go directly to our partner CAL Trading B.V.


Of course, together with CAL Trading, we continue to be available to other Dutch plant constructors. CAL Trading offers both end customers/operators and plant constructors complete Hagelschuer programmes - from our components such as feedwater tanks/degassers, blowdown tanks etc. to our above-mentioned turnkey plants and Hagelschuer rental plants.CAL Trading has been in existence for about 60 years and Max Breedijk is the second generation to run the company with about 25 employees. Cal Trading is strong in the construction of steam boiler systems, firing technology, knows a lot about water analysis and service and has its own boiler rental park. These are the best prerequisites for our company, which is only 30 years old, to tackle a joint future with CAL Trading, as there are many parallels between our family businesses, especially in terms of values.  


[Translate to English:] Kranhub für die Kaminanlage bei der Molkerei Ammerland

On site, the already existing softening plant with residual hardness monitoring was integrated into the entire state-of-the-art and complex plant technology.

The new plant is operated according to EN 12953 (72h operation) and corresponds to an approved assembly according to module G.

The waste gases are discharged via a 30 m high chimney system. Hagelschuer has implemented this project from the planning to the installation and commissioning and was thus able to implement the "everything from one source principle" as a system provider for the customer.

Further interesting projects can be found here.

Career with apprenticeship - the best are honoured!

On the picture from left to right: Jakob Renpening (trainer for plant mechanics), Steffen Doliff (former trainee), Torsten Merten (Münster Chamber of Industry and Commerce) and Georg Hagelschuer (Managing Director)

Steffen Doliff is already the seventh trainee to successfully complete his apprenticeship as a plant mechanic and the second to achieve the top grade.

This speaks on the one hand for his excellent personal and professional qualities and on the other hand for the good quality of the training. Behind this technically demanding, versatile and practice-oriented training is a competent team. Georg Hagelschuer once again explicitly thanked the trainers Jakob Renpening and Martin Eiersbrock for their excellent performance. The subject of training is a matter close to Hagelschuer's heart and has been continuously developed over the past years. The trainees are offered much more than just a future-proof job. The various trainee events such as karting or bowling are very popular. But the numerous additional benefits also ensure that the trainees can contribute and fully develop their personal and professional skills. Steffen Doliff is therefore an excellent example of what trainees and companies can achieve together.



Carsten Hövekamp visits Hagelschuer

Carsten Hövekamp (left in picture) visiting Hagelschuer

Petra Hagelschuer commented: "Hagelschuer has been training specialists for its own needs since 2010. We offer four exciting, but also very different apprenticeships. For the most part, the trainees are directly taken on in a permanent employment relationship.In this context, Georg Hagelschuer expressly praised the employees' commitment to the trainees, but also went into detail about his employees: "We have a great team that has gone through the crisis with us. One should not underestimate the many different areas of application in which steam is needed to generate process heat. Companies in trade and industry (beverages, food, pharmaceuticals, industry, building and insulation materials) rent or buy their plants from us". Hövekamp is amazed at the high market share of about 15% of all boiler plants installed in Germany, which Hagelschuer supplies."This is certainly due to the fact", he says, "that Hagelschuer focuses on excellent quality with the most careful processing and that the employees enjoy first-class training". He could see this for himself directly during a tour of the ultra-modern production halls. Petra and Georg Hagelschuer thanked Carsten Hövekamp once again for the successful exchange and interest. "It is enormously important to be able to exchange information about current economic topics on site in between", said Petra and Georg Hagelschuer.



The company

Highlights and history: With this feature, we are happy to explain the history of the company and which im­port­ant mile­stones along the way we have achieved up until now.

Social commitment: To us, social com­mit­ment is not an ob­lig­a­tion, but rather a heart­felt wish. Besides support of locally active as­so­ci­ations and clubs, we also support diverse projects fin­an­cially and with material help whenever pos­sible. Feel free to take a look; of course, we would be happy if you would join us.


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