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  • The first steam central unit in the boiler house made of prefabricated concrete elements

    Hagelschuer expands its product portfolio. The variably tested building system made of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements meets all requirements of the European product standard DIN EN 13978-1.

    Precast concrete elements instead of container construction, read the complete article here.
  • NEW offer – "GH 3000" steam boiler

    Quickly ready for use due to extremely short delivery time!
    The three-pass 3000 kg/h steam boiler system with 16 bar maximum operating pressure. Equipped with commercially available components – "Made in Germany". With highly efficient economiser, gas firing incl. all gas fittings and much more.

    Price ex works: 111,000.00 € net

    Here you get directly to the offer!
  • Feed water modules from now on a precise offer configured quickly and at short notice!

    Feed water modules including integrated feed pumps, blow-down pressure reducers, on request including water treatment, sampling cooler, residual hardness control device, various vapour heat exchangers, etc. – everything completely formatted ready for connection and maximally wired.

    See for yourself!
  • Mobile steam generators for rent!

    From 600 kg/h - 25000 kg/h - the largest product portfolio in Germany! Hagelschuer the specialist for temporary steam supply!

    See for yourself - this way to our rental boilers!
  • Steam boilers in a container!

    Hagelschuer complete centres in the GH Container are an intelligent, flexible alternative to conventional systems. Simply plug & work into the operational infrastructure and off you go!

    You can find more information here!


Georg Hagelschuer GmbH & Co. KG

We install new steam boilers and condensate systems according to individual specifications, or we modify existing systems. Additionally, we offer connection-ready steam plants in containers - within 24 hours if required.

Furthermore, Hagelschuer supplies consumables, spare and system parts via its web shop.

Reinforcement in the project team

Reinforcement in the project team

The desire for professional change and the new challenge as a project manager at Hagelschuer have persuaded Daniel Pankoke to return to his original field of work. The married father of a family has a farming business as a sideline and prefers to spend his free time with family and friends.

You can reach Mr. Daniel Pankoke at:

Phone: +49 (0) 2590 93895 226

The first Hagelschuer steam control centre in the boiler house made of precast concrete elements

The first steam control centre in the boiler house made of precast concrete elements

The next step was to put on the roof slab and seal it with bitumen welding membranes. Finally, the free-standing 10 m chimney system was fastened to the floor slab.

Works on the site went hand-in-hand and were completed within a day. Of course, the modular design of the entire plant technology was also extremely advantageous.

The heating system in Auerbach measures 3.50 m x 13.20 m x 3.80 m. Our project partner also produces other sizes on request without any problems. Since noise protection was extremely important to the customer, the steam boiler system was additionally equipped with a silencer. This significantly reduces the noise in the boiler house.

With this prefabricated concrete heating system, Hagelschuer adds another important building block to its product portfolio. In order to be able to meet individual customer requirements in the future, we now also offer boiler houses made of precast concrete elements in addition to the container construction method.

A new contact person in sales

Christoph Kauppert, the new sales professional at Hagelschuer.

As Hagelschuer continues to expand its strategic sales, Christoph Kauppert is mainly responsible for the acquisition of new customers in the rental boiler business. The father of two children loves to go mountain biking in his spare time.You can reach Mr. Christoph Kauppert at:

Tel: +49 (0) 2590 93895 327
Mobil: +49 (0) 151 5138 1248



New arrivals at Hagelschuer

Welcome foil for the new apprentices

During the company tour Tino Wiedebusch, Kevin Fischer, Nico Johannsen and Frederik Herding got to know the team and the company building even better. Open questions were clarified directly before they went into the individual departments. The boys were also able to accept the invitations to the apprentice bowling. The bowling event will take place in September and is designed to help trainers and apprentices get to know each other better in a relaxed atmosphere away from the daily routine. After last year's Trainee Welcome Day was such a great success, this component of the Trainee Strategy has become firmly anchored in the annual calendar.

We have set ourselves the goal of fighting the shortage of skilled workers with commitment, success and motivated junior staff. The new trainee concept developed in 2018 with the associated strategy has established itself and is paying off in initial successes.

Two trainees have successfully mastered their shortened training!

v.l.n.r. Georg Hagelschuer, Dennis Hast, Luis Recker, Marcel Hagemann & Ralf Nolte

The second in the group to have successfully completed his shortened training is Luis Recker (third from left). He started his training as a plant mechanic specialising in plant construction at Hagelschuer on 01.08.2016. His journeyman's piece, the so-called company contract, was awarded the highest mark of "very good". Luis decided on the construction of a "sludge removal clamp". The technically well-founded documentation and the clean execution during the production of the tank as well as the presentation before the examination board earned him this excellent final grade. Luis is an enthusiastic amateur sportsman and regularly keeps fit in the gym.

In recent years, Hagelschuer has increasingly dealt with the topic of "training". In order to counteract the impending shortage of skilled workers, we have for years been focusing more and more on training our own junior staff ourselves. At the beginning of 2018, a new trainee concept was established whose modular strategy is gradually being implemented. If you would like to know what we have to offer our trainees, then take a look at our career page!



Hagelschuer Rhein Main GmbH & Co. KG at the new location!

The new location in Bickenbach

Please note that your colleagues at Hagelschuer Rhein Main GmbH & Co. KG from 01.07.2019 under the following contact details:

Hagelschuer Rhein-Main GmbH & Co. KG
Berta-Benz-Straße 118
64404 Bickenbach

Tel:  + 49 (0) 6257  64699-0
Fax: + 49 (0) 6257  64699-11

Three-part container system during installation GH double-deck container plant with water supply delivered

Three-part container system during installation

in a double-deck container like the switch cabinet. At the customer's request, a comprehensive data acquisition system for operating pressures and temperatures was integrated. The entire plant has a size of 15 m length, 4 m width and 6.20 m height and weighs approx. 44 tons. Three low-bed loaders were necessary to transport the dismantled plant to Bitterfeld. On site, the plant was placed and assembled on the prefabricated concrete foundation in just one day. In addition, a flue gas system with a 25 m high stainless steel chimney was installed.

The company

Highlights and history: With this feature, we are happy to explain the history of the company and which im­port­ant mile­stones along the way we have achieved up until now.

Social commitment: To us, social com­mit­ment is not an ob­lig­a­tion, but rather a heart­felt wish. Besides support of locally active as­so­ci­ations and clubs, we also support diverse projects fin­an­cially and with material help whenever pos­sible. Feel free to take a look; of course, we would be happy if you would join us.


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