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Pipe construction for power plants

Extensive flexibility and rapid reaction times are possible due to our wide-ranging stock of pipe materials including the requisite shaped and connection pieces, flanges and mounting materials. When it comes to pipes with larger nominal widths or higher temperature or pressure stresses, GH GmbH is able to capture the local conditions, generate an isometry for the pipe installation and ultimately produce compl. pipe statics including the compl. expansion and mounting concept.

Through the process qualification per HPO / AD 2000 and verification module A1 of the pressure vessel directive, we are also certified to fulfil these sometimes complex requirements without difficulty.

Alongside our experienced and certified welders and welding specialists available here, we also have a CAD department in our back office and highly experienced project planning personnel.

When performing a system conversion it is frequently the case that a large proportion of the system parts are to remain in use, in which case the supplementary system parts required are supplied and integrated in the system.

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Production of modules

Georg Hagelschuer GmbH & Co. KG produces all system components pre-assembled as modules for you, in order to minimise assembly times and thereby achieve enhanced efficiency.

Our services encompass the pre-production / module production of feed water modules, complete boiler systems, heat exchanger stations and much more besides. Due to our spatial situation and our well-stocked warehouse, we are able to produce tailored modules / prefabricated system parts in rapid time, following determination of the conditions on the customer's site.

If necessary, we can also perform corresponding wiring work, as well as function tests and commissioning in our house. Our customers can also provide system parts for this purpose if required, which we then process to produce modules. The professional execution of all services transferred to us, be it piping alone or wiring work too, is guaranteed at a high level by our experienced specialist personnel. The process certifications held by Georg Hagelschuer GmbH & Co. KG offer us every opportunity to fulfil your requirements here - please contact us to discuss your needs.

Daniel Scholbrock Telephone: +49 (0) 25 90 - 9 38 95 - 303
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