Reinforcement from within our own ranks


Training our own new blood has huge significance at Hagelschuer. Hagelschuer trains highly qualified specialists in the steam technology area in order to keep up with the continually-growing requirements of the market and to be able to deal with the dearth of specialists from within our own ranks. The apprentices are supportedprofessionally, personally and of course particularly diversely during their apprenticeship. Thanks to the special guideline developed especially for the apprentices, the investment pays off in the end. In addition to the industrial skilled occupations, such as the system mechanic (m/f/n) and electrician for industrial engineering (m/f/b), Hagelschuer also trains specialists in administration.

Frederik Herding completed his shortened 2-year apprenticeship as an office management specialist successfully. As part of his technical A-level for industry and administration at the Richard von Weizäcker vocational college, Frederik completed a three-week work placement at Hagelschuer in 2018. During the work placement, it quickly became clear that the aspiring A-level student had the right technical prerequisites and the required social competence to complete an apprenticeship at Hagelschuer. The apprenticeship contract was therefore signed immediately after the work placement. Since 24/06/2021, he has been a permanent part of the Hagelschuer team and mainly works in technical sales. We’re delighted to have him in the team and congratulate him on passing his exams.

Markus Bunge completed his degree at the Münster college of higher education in the industrial engineer for energy technology area with an excellent grade of 1.9. He originally applied for a practical semester at Hagelschuer because the “Process steam generation” module of his degree fascinated him. At the interview, Hagelschuer offered him the chance to be involved actively in introducing the new ERP system as a student assistant. Markus didn’t take long to think about it and accepted the offer. His dissertation entitled: “Developing a concept to implement a product configurator into the APplus ERP program for an order-bound special system builder” was based directly on his practical experience at Hagelschuer. Markus’ commitment did not just impress the Hagelschuer during the project work, but also the exam board. His dissertation got the mark of “very good”“An excellent achievement”, says Georg Hagelschuer. We congratulate Markus on his Bachelor of Engineering and are delighted that he has chosen continued employment at Hagelschuer.“

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Four passes!

Congratulations to our aspiring system mechanics, Fabian, Andreas, Lennart and Florian! They were introduced to the basics of TIG welding on different materials by our welding specialist and prepared for their welding test in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9606-1.


Apprenticeship start

Mika Daldrup, Henrik Petersmann and Kai Lesting started their apprenticeships at Hagelschuer on 01/08/2021. They were welcomed warmly by the training team.

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