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Steam boilers & service

Hagelschuer provides you with everything you require for reliable and energy-efficient system operation. From planning to commissioning, we’ll take care of everything that is required. Furthermore, we are also available around the clock for conversions, maintenance work or servicing.

Rental boilers and accessories


More than 100 rental boilers available at short notice

The quick and uncomplicated solution: Simply rent steam and hot water boilers, and the corresponding modules & vessels.

System construction


Individual, custom-made boiler systems

New systems for various applications, custom-made and “Made in Germany” are available here.



Our full service for operating your boiler system without faults

Hagelschuer is your full service provider for operating your boiler system without faults. Our specialist staff will take care of regular maintenance, required repairs and training for your employees.


Your reliable partner
for boilers & service for 30 years.

Your advantages


Your reliable partner
for boilers & service for 30 years.

Your advantages

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boiler log


The innovative app from Hagelschuer ensures fault-free and efficient operation of your system in real time and also offers a wide range of useful functions.

GH focus

Invest in your digital future and in more reliability. GH focus is already part of many Hagelschuer rental boiler and new systems. Existing boilers can be retrofitted easily. Just ask us, we’ll be happy to help.

Icon GHfocus digitales Kesselbuch

Digital boiler log
Record all of your system operation parameters digitally, securely and with the ability to reproduce them at any time on all end devices.

Icon Alarm GhFocus-App

Reliability package
GH focus provides a complete function monitor for all of the system’s peripheral devices and alerts you immediately if threshold values are not reached.

Icon Wasserqualität

Water treatment & metering
Always view current values for the water treatment operating parameters and ensure that the water chemicals are used in an environmentally friendly manner.

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Current news from Georg Hagelschuer and our industry sector.


Steam quantity measurement

In our latest blog post from the section: “Components of a steam boiler system and their function”, we take a closer look at the functional principle and possible areas of application of a steam quantity measurement system.

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