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Blowdown tank /
blowdown cooler

Blowdown vessel that is ready for connection to hold desalination water and blowdown from steam boiler systems and steam generators.

Blowdown vessels to reduce boiler water pressure safely.

Hagelschuer builds and supplies blowdown vessels/blowdown pressure reducers for safe pressure reduction, cooling the blowdown and desalination water, and feeding into the wastewater network. The blowdown tanks are equipped with a cooling device using drain water. All connections are measured according to the boiler output. We will produce and supply variants for several boiler systems upon request. Cooling coils can also be included to recover energy from the drain water quantity. We are happy to supply special sizes for you upon request. We supply blowdown tanks ready for connection.

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Modules & components

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Blowdown vessel

made of stainless steel

Blowdown vessel

made of steel, 100 litres

Blowdown vessel

made of steel, 200 litres

Blowdown vessel

made of steel, 400 litres

Blowdown vessel

made of steel, 800 litres

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