New used boiler systems
by Hagelschuer

Used industrial boilers or complete steam boiler systems from Hagelschuer are not simply scrapped! We offer our young used vehicles for resale!

These are often young used boilers with only a short operating time. No matter which system or which boiler you are interested in, due to our comprehensive delivery and service portfolio , we are able to add further system components and, if desired, carry out assembly services and commissioning .

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boiler plant

Steam boiler plant DK 1123

Steam output 10 t/h

Weishaupt firing:
  • Type: G70/1-B – version ZM-NR (Year of construction: 2004)
  • Fuel: natural gas
  • Mode of operation: gas operation modulating
  • switchgear incl. Wiring in separate control cabinet
  • Water level limitation make: Gestra
  • Water level control Make: Gestra / mod. external
  • 2 boiler feed pumps make: Grundfos (type: CR 10-18) vertical version
Boiler fittings:

compl. Set of coarse and fine boiler fittings best. out of:

  • steam extraction valve
  • safety valve
  • Shut-off and check valve for the feed line and motor control valve for continuous feed water control
  • blowdown valve
  • water level indicator
  • AWT – exhaust gas heat exchanger (ECO) for free-standing installation behind the boiler, manufactured in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) in conjunction with TRD 431
  • Single-walled fireplace system, height above ground level approx. 9 m, no tension required
  • Speed control combustion air fan

Picture gallery DK 1123

Here are a few impressions of the steam boiler system DK 1123:

boiler plant

Steam boiler plant DK 1080

Steam output 6 t/h

Weishaupt firing:

  • Type:RGL 60/2-A – ZM, year of construction: 1997
  • Fuel: natural gas / HEL
  • Mode of operation: modulized
  • switchgear mounted in a fixed switchboard
  • Water level limitation make: Gestra
  • regualtion of the level indicator: Gestra
Boiler fittings:
  • waterpump: standing
  • maufacturer: Grundfos
  • number: 1
  • type: CR8 – 200 max working
  • pressure 16 bar
  • with complete set of coarse and fine steam boiler fitting, consists of:  
  • steam valve
  • safety valve
  • closing- and checking valve for the waterpiping
  •  motor-regulized valve for the water regulation
  • emtying valve
  • level indicator

Other system parts:

  • With non insulated chimney, made of mild steel, height 9 m
  • No extra fixing of the chimney needed
  • technical checked in 2022 by the german technical service (TÜV)



Picture gallery DK 1080

Here are a few impressions of the steam boiler system DK 1080: