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November 2022

Mietkessel Eike

Eike lowers the energy consumption of a dairy

It has never been more important to use energy wisely and economically. In order to significantly reduce its own energy consumption and the associated costs, a dairy company from Lower Saxony opted for a rental boiler solution from Hagelschuer.

CoeMBO 2022

CoeMBO 2022 – Hagelschuer is part of it

Finally! After a two-year break, CoeMBO will be held again on Nov. 12, 2022. For the tenth time, the “Fair for Educational and Vocational Orientation” in Coesfeld will open its doors at the school center and in the neighboring Bürgerhalle.


October 2022

Series production due to high demand

Annika (3 t/h, 2.1 MW, 16 bar) is the first completed rent boiler plant of a total of six in our new series. Due to the extremely high demand and the quickly desired availability, we started with a series production.


Steam distributor with safety valve

In our series “Components of a steam boiler plant and their function” we have already introduced you to a wide variety of components. Today we will go into the operation of a steam distributor. This individual design with the associated steam boiler plant is currently under construction at our company.


Steel and tank construction at Hagelschuer

We not only build complete steam and hot water boiler plants, our specialists also take care of steel and tank construction. A nice example is this 5 ton steel platform with the steam distributor on top.


September 2022


Boiler delivery at dawn

All three boilers delivered will be installed in new rental boiler plants. We continuously expanded our product portfolio.

AnSchuB 2022

Trainee search

Starting in the fall, we at Hagelschuer always enter the hot phase of the trainee search. Then the topic of training is at the top of our agenda! This year we got off to a sporty start with our climbing event. The next trainee fair will be just as sporty.


August 2022

Heißwasserkesselanlage im GH-Container

5 MW hot water boiler plant

An energy supplier from Baden-Württemberg needs a new hot water boiler plant (5 MW/ 15 bar) as a back-up for its district heating supply. The completely mobile and ready-to-use boiler plant is installed in a special Hagelschuer container.

Fuehrung Wildpferde

Guided tour of the Dülmen wild horses

Summer party at Hagelschuer – last Friday it was finally time again! This time there was a special event coming up. The Hagelschuer bus waited around. clock directly in front of the main entrance for our (s)team players.


World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian Day is an international day of action that not only commemorates all aid workers who have lost their lives in the line of duty. This day also calls for donations, as the need for humanitarian aid is currently increasing more than ever.

Schwertransport Heißwasserkessel2

Heavy transport of two hot water boilers

Today at noon, two hot water boilers (13 bar, 24.99 MW) were loaded at our plant for a power plant company near Hanover. With the help of our lifting load bridge, the two 40-ton boilers were lifted smoothly and precisely onto almost 30-meter-long drop deck loaders.

Übergabe GESTRA

GESTRA labels the SPECTORconnect system for Hagelschuer

For more than 25 years, Hagelschuer has relied on the low-maintenance and wear-free boiler equipment from GESTRA. The SPECTORconnet system is installed at Hagelschuer in all steam and hot water boiler systems that must meet the standards of EN 12952 and EN 12953.


July 2022

Mietkessel Romy

First use in the St. Gallen area

The youngest rental member of our rental boiler fleet, the Romy (2t/h, 1.4 MW, 16 bar), is on its way to Switzerland. It has its first application at a world-leading manufacturer of high-tech materials.

Georg Hagelschuer

Hagelschuer in the VR Bank Annual Report

“Strengthen regions. Growing Values.” This is this year’s guiding principle for the 2022 Annual Report of VR-Bank Westmünsterland eG. To find out how Hagelschuer is helping energy-intensive industries achieve efficiency gains, read the full report.

Michael Hoelper

Competence acquisition day

What could be more fitting on a day like this than to introduce you to our staff number one? Michael Hölper is the first permanent employee at Hagelschuer and has been working for our company since 1996.

Mietkessel Heinrich

Full steam ahead – Full service ahead

Our GH container plants are mobile boiler houses and extremely flexible. That is why they are regularly bought or rented from us. It also often happens that several plants are delivered at the same time.


June 2022

Container plant delivered to Poland

We have just delivered a fully operational and ready-to-connect steam boiler plant (8 t/h, 18 bar) to a long-standing customer. The GH container plant has gone directly to the production site in Poland.

Mietkessel Falco

Rental boiler Falco

Falco (1.25 t/h, 0.86 MW, 16 bar) is a fully equipped steam boiler plant ready for direct connection, installed in a sea container.


Rental boiler Kira

The newest member of our rental boiler fleet is called Kira. Like almost all of our fully equipped steam boiler plants, it is installed in a GH container. Did you know that all GH containers are completely planned, designed and manufactured at Hagelschuer?


Rental boiler Franzi

As a mobile, fully equipped and ready-to-connect steam boiler system, Franzi does not require a transport permit according to the German Road Traffic Act.


Bike leasing

Constantly rising fuel prices, tax and social security benefits and the fact that our beautiful Münsterland is a cycling paradise provide even more powerful arguments for a service bike!


Condensate monitoring

A condensate monitor ensures that no contaminated condensate enters the feed water vessel. It is attached to the condensate line and usually consists of a conductivity electrode, a pneumatic 3-way valve and a sight glass. The condensate flows through the measuring vessel of the condensate line and is checked there by the conductivity electrode using the conductometric four-electrode measuring method.


Mai 2022

Stadtwerke Muenster

Unscheduled repair

As a specialized company for steam boiler repair and work on pressure vessels, we are certified according to HP0, DGRL and non-destructive material testing. When the emergency call was received, the repair work on the 90 t/h heat recovery steam generator of Stadtwerke Münster could therefore start immediately.


Pressure reducing sections

Pressure reducing sections or steam pressure reducing stations Hagelschuer sells as standard version directly via the webshop! Available within three days.

Mietkessel Friedel

Rental boiler Friedel on the MSC Shannon

Our rental steam boiler Friedel (2.6 t/h, 20 bar) is currently supplying process steam on the container ship MSC Shannon. The actual ship’s boiler is defective and the necessary repair work is somewhat more time-consuming.


April 2022


Career fairs 2022

Training is a matter of the heart at Hagelschuer and our goal is to fill all important positions in our constantly growing, dynamic family business from our own ranks. In order to achieve this goal, Hagelschuer will present itself as a training company at four different career fairs this year.

GESTRA Fachtagung

GESTRA Symposium – 20th Anniversary

With the motto: Ecology in the Steam Boiler, the 20th GESTRA Symposium will shed light on the interrelationship of the environment and living creatures on our steam systems.


Magnetic flap indicator for level indication

The magnetic flap indicator is used to display the level in the feed water vessel. The liquid level is transmitted contactlessly to the display located on the outside of the tank via the magnet installed in the float.

GH-Focus App

GH-Focus App-Security in the Boiler House

The GH-focus application was implemented as a responsive web app and can thus be operated easily from all common end devices, regardless of location. The plant status can always be viewed directly via the individually configurable dashboard.

Mietkessel Jule

Project partner mediates Jule

Our state-of-the-art rental boiler plant Jule (3 t/h, 2.1 MW, 16 bar) had not yet been completed when we received the first inquiry from our project partner CAL Trading from the Netherlands. A dairy company needed an additional process steam supply.


März 2022


Safety valve- safety first

Without professional water treatment, steam and hot water systems will experience enormous problems and high follow-up costs. Feed water must always be treated and controlled because natural waters, groundwater or drinking water carry various associated substances.


No steam without water

Without professional water treatment, steam and hot water systems will experience enormous problems and high follow-up costs. Feed water must always be treated and controlled because natural waters, groundwater or drinking water carry various associated substances.

Hagelschuer Bus

Hagelschuer bus

The Mercedes Citaro of the bus company Reisedienst Lücke GmbH is completely lettered in the Hagelschuer design.


International Women’s Day

In keeping with International Women’s Day, we would like to introduce our new colleague Jessica Thiel. She strengthens our team as assistant to the management since 01.01.2022.


Februar 2022

Heat exchanger station

A heat exchanger is a device that transfers thermal energy from one material stream to another. Heat exchangers can be divided into 3 classes. The most relevant for steam technology is indirect heat transfer.


Rent boiler Julius sold

Julius (3 t/h, 2.1 MW, 16 bar) was actually intended to expand the Hagelschuer rental boiler portfolio. However, before it could come to the first rental it was already sold!


Reference: Harries Mill

Hagelschuer delivered a new, fully equipped container plant (2 t/h, 10 bar) to Harries Schälmühlenwerk GmbH & Co. KG in Groß Ippener.


Pressure reducer

Pressure reducer, small component- important function
Its function is to reduce a high pressure (upstream pressure) to a lower pressure (downstream pressure). At the same time, it independently and constantly maintains the downstream pressure.

Präsentübergabe an die Nachwuchskräfte

Young talent from our own ranks

Hagelschuer is a recognized training company of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and was awarded for its “outstanding in-company training” in 2019 and 2020. Training is a matter of the heart at Hagelschuer – this guiding principle is not only on the career page of the company, it is above all actively lived.


Oktober 2021

Energy transition as a challenge

Almost the entire workforce gathered in the hall last Friday to surprise company founder Georg Hagelschuer on the occasion of the company’s 30th anniversary and, of course, to celebrate the occasion accordingly. Completely unsuspecting, he was lured into the festively decorated hall under a pretext by his wife Petra.


August 2021

Trainee Welcome Day

On 01.09.2021 it was time again and Hagelschuer opened their doors. All trainees, parents and the entire team of trainers were invited to the evening event.


Four passes!

Congratulations to our aspiring system mechanics, Fabian, Andreas, Lennart and Florian! They were introduced to the basics of TIG welding on different materials by our welding specialist and prepared for their welding test in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9606-1.


Apprenticeship start

Mika Daldrup, Henrik Petersmann and Kai Lesting started their apprenticeships at Hagelschuer on 01/08/2021. They were welcomed warmly by the training team.


Juli 2021

Mai 2021

April 2021

Resthärtekontrollgerät Typ GH AquaCheck 1


New in the Hagelschuer online shop – the GH AquaCheck_1 residual hardness monitor. It is used to monitor the residual hardness directly and automatically.

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Neuer Geselle Steffen Doliff Übergabe

New assistant in the team

System mechanic in the system construction field is how Steffen Doliff may now refer to himself after completing his apprenticeship successfully.

Hagelschuergebäude am Standort Bickenbach

New site as of 01/07/2019!

As of 01/07/2019, Hagelschuer Rhein Main GmbH & Co. KG is located in its new hall on the outskirts of Bickenbach in South Hesse.