SB30 gets technical upgrade

SB30 bekommt technisches Upgrade

(S)Team player as industrial climber in action

A power plant needs a rental unit that can produce 50 tons of steam. To be able to generate this amount of steam at all, a lot of freshly treated water is needed. This task is performed by our SB30 feedwater tank. Our SB30 is a 30,000 l tank which, including degasser, stands on an erection scaffold at a height of almost 5 meters. The feedwater tank is still from the old Stöckel rental stock and is a so-called “Best Ager.” Our (S)Team players therefore work quasi as industrial climbers to perform a complete technical upgrade. When the SB30 feedwater tank is delivered, the entire plant technology is state-of-the-art . Thus, our rental plants Jochen (28 t/h, 19.5 MW, 23.5 bar) and Lena (23 t/h, 17 MW, 20 bar) will soon be supplied with sufficient feed water.

Detailed information on the subject of water treatment for steam and hot water boiler systems can also be found in our report: “No steam without water”.