Case studies from various areas of application.


With our ready-to-use steam boilers and rental systems, we are driving efficient and resource-saving steam supply. This also applies to boiler retrofits and expansions.

No matter the sector in which you are active, we’ll take care of your optimum steam supply. The way in which we put our high demands on quality and performance into practice in each project can be found in this overview of sector-specific applications.

Do you have similar challenges to our customers, which need to be overcome and are you looking for innovative solutions? Take a look at our expert knowledge of steam supply. Georg Hagelschuer steam boiler systems and service will certainly make your processes steam ahead.

References by sector:

Automotive industry

Supplying process steam, space heating and hot water is one of the greatest energy weaknesses in the automotive industry. Hagelschuer supplies energy efficient systems that are tailored to the requirements of the companies. The high degree of individualisation is possible thanks to the modular design of the steam boiler systems.

Icon Automobilindustrie

Energy suppliers

The mobile power plants for rent or the newly-installed steam boiler systems from Hagelschuer are installed by energy suppliers for warm water, hot water and saturated steam supply among other things, as well as to provide a backup in the event of failures to the steam supply.

Icon Energieversorger


Animal feed industry

Drying the process steam is a vital process in the animal feed and food industry. Drying processes are used to stabilise pellets and granules. Further areas of application in which the Hagelschuer steam generators are used include providing boiling water and steam for sterilisation and preservation.

Icon Futtermittelindustrie

Food industry

In order to be able to meet the demands of the food and drink industry when it comes to flavour, shelf life and food safety, thermal treatment of the food with hot water and steam is required. Hagelschuer steam generators are used in the food industry to generate process steam and clean steam. Typical applications include sterilisation, hardening and drying food, as well as expanding production capacities using saturated steam.

Icon Lebensmittelindustrie

Paper and corrugated cardboard

Steam is a vital part of manufacturing paper and cardboard. High quantities of process steam are required to remove water from, dry and press the paper webs. The high amount of paper use in Germany and the associated production quantities make the paper industry one of the most energy-intensive sectors in the country. Hagelschuer steam generators are exclusively adjusted to individual requirements. For economical and environmentally friendly energy supply.

Icon Papier Pappe


Laundry and textile industry

Using steam is unavoidable in the textile sector. Steam generators of different sizes and performance are required in the entire manufacturing process. Typical tasks include cleaning, embellishing, dyeing, smoothing, shaping and folding textiles and rigs. Hagelschuer supplies the correct steam dosage for each of these applications. This ensures that no energy is lost. For economical and resource-saving actions in the textile industry.

Icon Wäscherei Textil

Brick and building industry

Steam ensures that the stones in the brick industry dry quickly. Steam is also used for hardening in the building materials industry.

Icon Bau- & Ziegelindustrie
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