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Case Studies: Steam generators for the automotive industry


An automotive supplier commissioned Hagelschuer to plan and build a steam boiler system for its plant in Poland.

The task

The system is accommodated in two containers standing side by side, resulting in a completely mobile boiler house .

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Pictures from the project

The attachment

The plant comprises two boilers , each with an output of 2.5 t of steam per hour at an operating pressure of 13 bar, one feed water tank each and one sludge tank each Water table, water softening system and control cabinet incl. electrical distribution. It is housed in two adjacent containers , resulting in a fully mobile boiler house . Thanks to the clever arrangement of the steam boilers and the periphery , the boiler house is spacious and offers sufficient space for maintenance and upkeep and for the operating personnel. The exhaust gases are discharged via two stainless steel chimneys, each 10 m high .

In 90% of all load cases , the steam supply from one boiler is sufficient, the second boiler runs redundantly. This operating method has already been used successfully in the first plant in Bosnia. Unlike the first system, this time the containers were placed side by side instead of one behind the other.

Both plants have sufficient reserves to easily meet the increasing demand for steam in the event of a possible expansion of production.

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About PASS GmbH & Co. KG

PASS GmbH & Co. KG has been run as an independent family business since it was founded in 1920. The group of companies has been internationally active as an automotive supplier since 1950. Nine locations are currently maintained worldwide, including in Mexico and China.

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