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Case Studies: 90 t/h waste heat steam generator repaired

Unscheduled repair of a heat recovery steam generator at Stadtwerke Münster – Hagelschuer carries out the repair work thanks to AD 2000 HPO certification

A 90 t/h waste heat steam generator in the combined heat and power plant of Stadtwerke Münster am Hafen, which is responsible among other things for the district heating supply of the city of Münster, suffered damage at the end of April. When Hagelschuer received the report, two welding experts immediately set out to get an idea of the damage.

The task

After careful examination of the situation and the technical documentation, a repair and inspection concept was drawn up directly. On the same day, the responsible expert approved the repair work, so that the Hagelschuer welding experts could start directly the next day.

Stadtwerke Muenster

The attachment

The localized leak on the water tube boiler was welded using welding procedure 141. Subsequently, the experts from Stadtwerke Münster and the Approved Monitoring Body carried out a pressure test on the heat recovery steam generator. During this pressure test, they detected another leakage at an adjacent location. The Hagelschuer experts repaired this leakage the very next day. They expertly cut out the defective piece from the finned tube and welded a new piece back in. They then performed an MT test on the welded areas. After thesuccessfully performed pressure test, the boiler could be put back into operation within a week.

Since Hagelschuer is certified as a specialist company according to AD 2000 HP0, the welding experts were able to repair the damage to the heat recovery steam generator directly and prepare the welding report as well as the MT report according to DIN EN 9712.

About Stadtwerke Münster

Stadtwerke Münster supplies its customers with electricity, district heating, gas, drinking water, gets people safely to their destinations with its buses, and is expanding broadband Internet via fiber optics in Münster. In their own facilities, they generate energy on site in a climate-friendly manner using natural gas-based cogeneration at the combined heat and power plant at the port and with renewable energy plants from Borkum to Wolbeck.

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