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ERN – Energiedienstleistungen Rhein-Neckar GmbH set up the Hagelschuer “ANSGAR” rental boiler with one of their regular customers in Mannheim. ERN is responsible for managing the energy generation systems for this customer. The mobile power plant was produced as a container system in summer 2018 and was able to be rented out immediately.

The task

The system is installed in a sea container and supplies 13.4 t steam/h (26 bar). This was new ground for Hagelschuer. The sea container systems that had been built up to then had a maximum output of 12 t steam/h. It took a great deal of planning to ensure that the complete and functional system with all required peripheral parts fitted into the compact dimensions of a sea container.

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“ANSGAR” system

The “ANSGAR” rental boiler has a range of technical special features. The transport weight of the mobile power plant in the container is just 42 t; only the maintenance platform had to be removed for the actual transport. The flue gases are removed using a mobile and free-standing chimney system with an outlet height of more than 30 m. “ANSGAR” is used on-site as a 16 bar saturated steam supplier and as a back-up for failures in the steam supply.

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About ERN

Energiedienstleistungen Rhein-Neckar GmbH (ERN) is s subsidiary of Technische Werke Ludwigshafen AG (TWL), which was founded in 2003. Its purpose is to renovate, implement and manage energy supply systems. The company’s aims include continuously improving energy efficiency and comprehensive optimisation of the supply. With its mobile power plant, Hagelschuer is making a sustainable contribution to achieving these aims.

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