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Last autumn, Hagelschuer set up a 25 MW large water space boiler in Bremen. The auxiliary steam generator that is responsible for pre-heating in the power plant also provides sealing and cooling steam for the turbines in the gas-steam power plant. The old boiler had a technical fault and was no longer able to supply the required heat reliably in the event of maintenance or an emergency. The Hagelschuer assembly team first dismantled all components that were in good working order and stored them properly in the interim. The old boiler was then removed and disposed of.

The task

750 t telescopic crane, which already took a whole day to set up and align on-site, was used to lift the new hot water boiler weighing around 60 t off the low loader. The Hagelschuer assembly team then ensured that the three-pass boiler equipped with two flame pipes was returned to its original place in the existing boiler house.

The hot water boiler was connected to the existing function controller and the supply lines there. All stored components were then re-installed. Hagelschuer customer service commissioned the system after completion.

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Images of the project at swb AG

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swb AG system

Setting up and aligning the 60 t hot water boiler required a great deal of skill.

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About swb AG

swb AG in Bremen has been supplying the region with natural gas, district heating, drinking water, electricity and waste disposal services for more than 160 years. The predecessor company that was changed over in 1999, Stadtwerke Bremen, was one of the oldest municipal utilities in Germany.

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