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Case Study: Process steam during repair work on existing boiler

First use for rental boiler Malte

Nestler Wellpappe GmbH & Co. KG is a successful medium-sized company in the packaging industry specializing in the development, production and sale of various packaging solutions made of corrugated board.

The task

The site of Nestler Wellpappenwerke GmbH & Co. KG in Lahr required a temporary process steam supply due to upcoming repair work on the existing boiler. Theinquiry about the 8 t/h, 20 bar steam boiler plant of the corrugated cardboard factory came via our project partner Hotmobil.

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Pictures of the rental boiler Malte

The attachment

Hagelschuer delivered the just completed Malte GH container plant (12 t /h, 8.4 MW, 26 bar) to the corrugated board mills. The rental boiler plant was specially adapted to the customer’s requirements before delivery. The safety valve was converted to 20 bar to reduce the permissible operating pressure. In addition, a separate pump group was installed in the existing boiler house in order to be able to use the existing feedwater supply. The rental boiler system was also connected to the customer’s existing fuel supply on site before the very first commissioning of the Malte rental boiler took place on site.

Hagelschuer rental boiler systems are usually equipped with dual fuel burners. This means that they can be operated using two different fuels (gas or oil). Since Nestler Wellpappenwerke has its own oil tank, the plant was connected to the existing fuel supply on site without further ado. Nestler Wellpappe was able to achieve significant cost savings as a result of the adjustment measures.

Firstly, because the existing feedwater treatment system could be connected to the rental boiler system and no additional feedwater container was required. On the other hand, however, also because no additional Hagelschuer oil tank had to be delivered.

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About Nestler Wellpappe GmbH & Co. KG

Nestler Wellpappe GmbH & Co KG is a company of the Palm Group. With 4,000 employees in Europe, the Palm Group is one of the leading suppliers of newsprint and corrugated base paper made from 100% recovered paper as well as corrugated packaging. All products are 100% recyclable.

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