Commissioning service

Kundendiensttechniker bei der Inbetriebnahme

Customer service technicians in action

At Hagelschuer, we offer all services relating to steam and hot water boiler systems. Our twelve customer service technicians work tirelessly to carry out maintenance, repairs, servicing and commissioning. Commissioning in particular is a technically very demanding and comprehensive service. Our Hagelschuer customer service technicians commission all systems purchased or rented from us. The time required for a new purchase system is approximately one to four working days. This is always dependent on the size of the system and the technical equipment. First of all, the water for the steam boiler must be pre-treated. Of course, 500 liters of water are treated faster than 20,000 liters of water. The treated feed water is then fed into the boiler. The burner then heats up the boiler. At the same time, all technical operating parameters are recorded and checked via our user-friendly GH-Control control unit and displayed on the user-friendly 10-inch control panel. The requirements for process steam are always different and depend on the industry. That is why our experienced (S)team players always adjust the systems on site to the individual production processes of our customers. Once the entire system has been efficiently set up, the legally required inspection is carried out before commissioning in accordance with § 15 BetrSichV. The approved inspection body (ZÜS) is on site for this purpose and issues the necessary test certificate. Our customer service technicians accompany this step before handing over the operational system to the customer, together with the associated technical documentation. The documentation and all applications for approval from the relevant authorities are prepared in advance by our (S)team players. However, this is another service that we will be happy to present to you soon.

We have also described our various services in detail on our homepage.