Rental boiler Kira

GH container plants are completely planned, designed and manufactured by Hagelschuer

The newest member of our rental boiler fleet is called Kira (3 t/h, 2.1 MW, 16 bar). Like almost all of our fully equipped steam boiler plants, it is installed in a GH container. Did you know that all GH containers are completely planned, designed and manufactured at Hagelschuer? For this purpose, our project managers coordinate closely with our design department. The designers then take over the detailed planning and create all the necessary drawings in 4-D in SolidWorks. There, all important elements such as the steel girders or the boiler and the feedwater vessel as well as all media connections are placed and measured to the millimeter. When the plant documentation with the drawings has been accepted and approved bythe structural engineer and the responsible authorities, the work for our steel construction department begins. The base frame is welded on the basis of the production drawings. It is then galvanized and installed in our assembly halls. The plant assemblers then begin to position all the plant components on the frame using the design drawings. Thus, in a modular system, the plant and the container are built up step by step. Our GH container plants are 100% “Made in Germany”. We are very proud of this absolute quality work! Kira will certainly be loaded and used countless times in the course of her rental boiler life.

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Impressions rental boiler Kira