25 t / 16 bar Double flame tube boiler loaded

25 t / 16 bar Doppelflammrohrkessel verladen

Customer from the logistics sector

Last Friday, our (S)team players loaded a very special steam boiler system. Our customer from the logistics sector has ordered a technically very sophisticated and extensive new steam boiler system from us. We have these first at our plant as far as possible pre-installed and then prepared for the Prepared for transportation. With the The boiler body is a double flame tube boiler (25 t/h 10 bar). It also has an extra connection for a DN 450 PN 40 electric heating element. A flange with dummy cover is installed in the front area. The electric heating cartridge (2200 kW) can be inserted there if required. There are two dual-fuel burners on the rear of the boiler body. These can be operated using the two fuels gas and HEL. They are also designed for a 10 – 15 % admixture of H2. This ensures that the plant can comply with the required emission values of the 44th BImSchV §11,13 (DE) in the future.

All important information about the 44th BImSchV can also be found here.