Final exams successfully completed

Abschlussprüfungen erfolgreich absolviert - Präsentübergabe
f.l.t.r. : Martin Eiersbrock, Tino Wiedebusch, Jakob Renpening, Florian Baumeister, Lennart Bickman & Georg Hagelschuer

Three new (S)Teamplayers strengthen our team

There were only beaming faces at the presentation of gifts last week! Our former trainees Florian Baumeister, Lennart Bickmann and Tino Wiedebusch have successfully completed their training as plant mechanics! Traditionally, the three former trainees, our trainers Martin Eiersbrock and Jakob Renpening as well as Georg Hagelschuer came together for the presentation of gifts. On behalf of the entire staff, Georg Hagelschuer congratulated the newly qualified plant mechanics on passing their exams!

“It always fills me with pride to see how you trainees become highly qualified specialists. How you have developed not only professionally but also personally. The entire team does an outstanding job here year after year.”

The plant mechanic specializing in plant construction is one of five possible apprenticeships at Hagelschuer. With the three current graduates Florian, Lennart and Tino, a total of twelve Hagelschuer trainees have already successfully started their careers as plant mechanics. All three chose the operational order as the audit variant. One of the advantages of this examination variant is clearly its practical relevance. Operational assignments can be easily integrated into everyday working life. All the components produced were directly integrated into current projects. In the process, all three test specimens selected completely different components for their operational assignment. Florian Baumeister installed the waste sludge line and all associated components in a rental boiler plant, while Lennart Bickmann installed an oil unit on a burner, including the feed and return lines. Tino Wiedebusch decided to add a safety valve to the feedwater vessel and to build a vacuum breaker. All three convinced in the final interview before the IHK examination board with their expertise. Overjoyed and satisfied, they received their journeyman’s certificates and the Hagelschuer gift.

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