Five (S)Team players start their training at Hagelschuer today!

Fünf Azubis starten ihre Ausbildung bei Hagelschuer!

The magic five

Five is a very special number. It is cosmopolitan, visionary, adventurous and constructive. As a life number, it stands for freedom and change. For us it is an absolute lucky number today ! Because we welcome our new apprentices today! Piet, Fabian and Sven want to become plant mechanics (m/f/d), Tom is our apprentice as electronics technician for industrial engineering (m /f/d) and Lukas is doing an apprenticeship as warehouse logistics specialist (m/f/d). All five start their training at Hagelschuer today as (S)team players!

Welcome to the team! Good to have you here!

At Hagelschuer, no one is thrown in at the deep end. The five started with a soft entry for the time being. You can read more about what this looks like here.