Connection piece for retrofitting
of electric flange radiators

Anschlussstutzen für die Nachrüstung von Elektro-Flanschheizkörpern

Electric flange heater

Some of our boiler bodies are already fitted with connecting pieces so that electric flange heaters can be retrofitted at any time without any problems. Ordering steam or hot water boilers that are already pre-assembled ex works has many advantages. The small surcharge when ordering a new boiler is disproportionate to the costs incurred if you want to retrofit the boiler at a later date. In addition to the failure of the process steam supply and the extensive welding work on the boiler body, the documentation also has to be revised. The change to the design or operating mode must be applied for again from the responsible district government and a final inspection must be carried out by the ZÜS. So if you need a new steam or hot water boiler system, let our experts advise you in detail in advance!

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