Career exploration days 2023

Eighth graders and parents take note!

Already In 2020, Hagelschuer has started to develop its Rental boiler stock in the range of 12 t/h steam boiler to be continuously expanded. The Demand in this power class has been steadily increasing and a total of 16 new plants have been planned to meet market requirements. In the meantime, with Valentin (12 t/h, 8.4 MW, 16 bar) and Norbert (12 t/h, 8.4 MW, 26 bar), eleven rental plants have already been completely finished and rented out. All rental boilers are so-called GH container plants. The GH containers are Special containers. With this Construction method finds the entire manufacturing process takes place in House. From Engineering via the complete steel and tank construction to the Assembly of the plant technology are all production steps are carried out in our assembly halls. Also the rental, the installation on site and the Commissioning is carried out exclusively by trained and qualified Hagelschuer specialist personnel. The rental boiler series is another successful example of the valid principle of “everything from a single source.”

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