Technical user training

ARI Anwender Schulung

One-day training course for ARI fittings

The latest user training course at Hagelschuer focused on the functionality, design and correct technical application. Every chair in our meeting room was occupied when Thorsten Neuhaus (Field Service Germany West) and Tim Wallis (Head of Training & Technical Consulting) from ARI-Armaturen held the one-day training course at our premises. The focus was not only on the technical application. Impressive practical examples and the technical inner workings of the individual fittings inspired our experienced colleagues and the trainees alike. An exciting training course and a very effective transfer of knowledge, for which we would like to thank our ARI-Armaturen.

In addition to user training, first aid courses and the Trainee Proud Academy, Hagelschuer has some other exciting benefits for its (s)team players.

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