Expansion of the project team

Portrait von Daniel Pankoke, Projektleiter bei Hagelschuer


The Hagelschuer project team was expanded to include Daniel Pankoke from 01/11/2019. Born and bred in Dülmen, he originally completed an apprenticeship in central heating and ventilation construction at Hagelschuer and worked as a system mechanic until the middle of 2004. Following his further training to become an agricultural engineer, he has worked as deputy manager for the last 10 years.

The desire for a professional change and the new challenge of becoming a project manager at Hagelschuer encouraged Daniel Pankoke to go back to his old occupational field. The married father has an agricultural company as a sideline and enjoys spending time with family and friends in his free time.

You can reach Mr Daniel Pankoke on:

Tel: +49 (0) 2590 93895 226
E-mail: pankoke@dampfkessel.com

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