Career exploration days 2023

Bezirkswettbewerb „Jugend schweißt“

Eighth graders and parents take note!

Our two apprentices Mika and Henrik took part in the DVS district competition “Jugend schweißt” last Friday. They competed in procedure 141 tungsten inert gas welding (TIG) of the DVS district association Gelsenkirchen and proved their skills. Already on Tuesday, our two (S)team players went to Gelsenkirchen. After three intensive days of preparation, they started the competition on Friday. First, the technical knowledge was tested in the theoretical part. You then received their detailed welding procedure specifications (WPS) to make therequired test piece. The jury evaluated all the results anonymously at the end of the time. Mika secured the day’s victory in the TIG process, taking first place. first place. Thereby he has automatically qualified for the state competition of “Jugend schweißt” in Siegen. Henrik finished in a very good place and came in the top 10 in the overall standings. At the subsequent award ceremony for all participants, our two boys received their certificates and prizes. Exhausted but overjoyed they started their journey home in the evening!

In the name of all (S)Teamplayers we congratulate our apprentices very warmly on this sensational achievement!


Impressions of the district competition "Youth welds