Career exploration days 2023

Seecontainer in RAL 5010

Eighth graders and parents take note!

Corporate identity, or CI for short, is the totality of features that characterize a company, i.e. its individual personality. With the appearance, a foundation stone is laid for the image. Therefore, the appearance is also very important to many companies. Some of our customers attach great importance to the fact that our container systems can be integrated into their color concept. That is why we offer our Hagelschuer special containers in all common RAL colors on request. We also take into account the individual color preferences of our customers when ordering sea containers. We have just delivered a GH container system in RAL 9007 gray aluminum. Another sea container plant in RAL 5010 gentian blue is currently under construction at our company.

Blue is actually one of the absolute favorite colors of many people. Do you know what effect blue has on people?

Blue has a calming effect , promotes concentration and refreshes. In a tensionless harmonic state, creativity is stimulated and performance is enhanced. Surely this is a good omen for our plant!

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