Former trainees focus on their professional future at Hagelschuer

Hagelschuer is a recognized training company of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and wasawarded for its “outstanding in-company training” in 2019 and 2020. Training is a matter of the heart at Hagelschuer – this guiding principle is not only on the career page of the company, it is above all actively lived. Therefore, the trainees are not only supported and instructed on the technical level, but also given the opportunity to further develop their personal strengths. An extensive training program always provides variety and the various trainee events additionally strengthen the team spirit.

The team of trainers of the plant mechanics around Martin Eierbrock and Jakob Renpening as well as the team of the electrical department around Michael Frerick have done an excellent job again in the last 3.5 years. Without any problems and with excellent grades the former apprentices; Andreas Kemper, Fabian Rohlf and Niels Müller passed their final exams. The two plant mechanics completed their final examination in the form of an “operational assignment”. The trainees spent more than a month building plant components specific to the company and documented all the steps in a detailed report.

Präsentübergabe an die Nachwuchskräfte

Andreas Kemper decided to build a blowdown pipeline including of a cooling water line for a GH container plant. Since substances such as salt always remain in the boiler water when water is evaporated, steam boilers must be desludged at regular intervals to protect the boiler body and piping fromdeposits and corrosion.

Fabian Rohlf built three different components of a feedwater vessel for a customer plant. First, he built the pressure-controlled heating system, which ensures that steam enters the feedwater vessel. Then the drainage line of the vacuum breaker and then the make-up, which supplies the feedwater vessel with new soft water.

Niels Müller completed an apprenticeship as an electronics technician for operating technology. At Hagelschuer, he was not only taught the necessary technical training content, but also the extensive system and control technologies of the steam boiler plants. This was of great benefit to him during his final examination. In front of the examination board of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, he had to install, among other things, a machine extension in his control cabinet module within 7 hours and program in the switching technology specified in the circuit diagram and then put it into operation. Despite the time pressure, he managed to do this excellently.

“We are proud that all three former trainees mastered their exams confidently and successfully! This clearly shows how high the Importance of the training is anchored in the entire Hagelschuer team. ” Georg Hagelschuer explained during the presentation of the gifts and added: “It is especially nice that they are all three have decided, to further develop their professional future at Hagelschuer. Congratulations and welcome to the team.”