Career exploration days 2023

Mietanlage Pippi

Eighth graders and parents take note!

At Allendorfer Mietwäsche-Service GmbH, water leaked from the existing steam boiler. From the first pictures it was already possible to see that it was most likely irreparable boiler damage. This was confirmed during the detailed on-site inspection. To keep the downtime as low as possible, a rental system was to be installed for the time being. At Hagelschuer were immediately set all the levers in motion. Our rental boiler department immediately organized the right rental unit, which was loaded and sent on its way the same day. Pippi (3 t/h, 2.1 MW, 16 bar) was started up in the early morning hours. unloaded, set up and subsequently began directly all the necessary piping and connection work. The Commissioning took place on the following day by our Hagelschuer customer service. Now takes over our Rent boiler Pippi the Process steam supply until at Allendorfer a new steam boiler plant is installed.

Pippi is one of six other rental boiler plants from our series production. A 40-foot sea container serves as the mobile boiler house. Due to the low transport weight, the system can be loaded extremely quickly and does not require a separate transport permit according to StVO. Which in this case was of course a huge advantage for Allendorfer Mietwäsche-Service GmbH.

You can find detailed information about our series here.