Two identical steam accumulators delivered to Poland


A third went to the plant in Bosnia

Today we are presenting another exciting project in the field of tank construction. In 2018, we delivered a steam boiler system in a GH double container to a company from the automotive industry at its production site in Poland. When planning the system, the international company for media-conducting systems in the automotive sector attached particular importance to the fact that the two steam boilers operate according to the master-slave principle. In addition, both boilers should have sufficient reserves to guarantee a possible increase in steam demand. However, the reserves integrated during the planning phase were not enough to cover the additional requirements resulting from the various site mergers. The project managers therefore approached Hagelschuer again in summer 2023.

The Hagelschuer experts advised the use of two steam accumulators in order to be able to continue operating the existing system at a constant load and to absorb the load peaks. The tanks, each with a volume of 10 m³, were installed at the customer’s request. incl. the complete water technology in two 20-foot “high-cube-open-side” sea containers pre-assembled in our factory as a ready-to-connect unit. Thanks to the hinged inspection doors, the two steam storage tanks are easily accessible on site at all times for all service and maintenance work and are optimally protected from all weather conditions. The installation and connection work on site was carried out by the customer himself after consultation with our installation manager. Hagelschuer customer service took care of the commissioning.

Asanother production site in Bosnia is similarly designed and load peaks must also be expected here due to the increase in production capacity, the project managers ordered a third steam storage tank shortly afterwards. The third10 m³ steam storage tank was recently delivered to Bosnia.

Further information on steam accumulators can be found here.