Career exploration days 2023


Eighth graders and parents take note!

Since the United Nations established World Water Day in 1992, the special features of water as an essential resource have been commemorated annually on March 22, 2023. The motto of this year’s International Water Day is “Accelerating Change”. The choice of theme highlights the importance of national and international cooperation in relation to the ambitious goal of providing clean drinking water and sanitation for all people by 2030. Access to water should no longer be a privilege!

We as (s)team players at Hagelschuer have this privilege and also appreciate it very much. Our water dispensers provide fresh, chilled and sparkling mineral water at any time.

However, to ensure that the 2030 Agenda can also be adhered to, we at Hagelschuer are continuously working to keep the resource consumption of water in business as low as possible. Our water treatment plants are always individually adapted to the exact needs of the customer. So that the steam and hot water boiler plants generate the maximum potential savings. So hopefully every person in the world will have clean drinking water by 2030!

You can find more info about efficient water treatment here.