Trainee team event in the climbing forest

Azubievent im Kletterpark

Climbing at dizzying heights

September always brings a very special highlight for our trainees and our team of trainers. This year it was a climbing tour in the climbing forest. First, all (S)Team players were equipped with harnesses and helmets. This was followed by a detailed safety briefing by the on-site trainers. Well prepared, small mixed groups then went into the various courses, reaching previously unimagined heights. The atmosphere was sensational. Despite the initial drizzle , everyone was highly motivated and committed to the cause. A lost shoe on the high-altitude trail and an avoidable fall on the practice course provided plenty of fun. Totally happy and full of adrenaline, the reserves were then refilled at the Lakeside Inn. There, everyone was happy to be able to review the exciting events of the day together in detail.

More info about the apprenticeship at Hagelschuer can be found here!

The day in the climbing forest