Boiler repair - where does the necessary process steam come from?

International Beer Day- current rental boiler project from Hagelschuer Rhein-Main

Your own steam boiler is broken and needs to be repaired? The repair takes several days or even weeks? Where will the process steam come from then? The Eichbaum private brewery in Mannheim will also have asked itself these questions. How good that Hagelschuer Rhein-Main is just around the corner and could provide immediate assistance. Hagelschuer not only has complete steam boiler systems in its portfolio, but also rents out individual boilers if required. This allowed the boiler manufacturer to carry out the repair work, which took several weeks, in peace, while our 12 t/h Schneider boiler was integrated into the existing plant technology to ensure the steam supply.

We have clearly listed our entire rental boiler portfolio here.