Final exams successfully completed


There were only beaming faces at the presentation of gifts last week! Our former trainees Florian Baumeister, Lennart Bickmann and Tino Wiedebusch have successfully completed their training as plant mechanics!

State competition “Jugend schweißt

Gewinner des Landeswettbewerb „Jugend schweißt“

Our apprentice Mika Daldrup won second place in the DVS state competition “Jugend schweißt” in Gelsenkirchen. In March, he already qualified for the state competition as the winner of the district competition in process 141 tungsten inert gas welding.

District competition “Youth welds

Bezirkswettbewerb „Jugend schweißt“

Our two apprentices Mika and Henrik took part in the DVS district competition “Jugend schweißt” last Friday. They competed in the 141 tungsten inert gas welding (TIG) procedure of the DVS district association in Gelsenkirchen and demonstrated their skills.

IHK tested – final exam passed!

IHK geprüft!

More than 3,300 trainees took their final exams at the IHK Nordwestfalen at the end of January. Our Nico is one of them! We are pleased that he has successfully completed his 3.5-year training. Now he can call himself a plant mechanic (field of application: plant construction). We congratulate Nico very much for this. Great performance!