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Hagelschuer added another important module to its range with the completely new pre-cast concrete heating system for Textilpflege GmbH Auerbach. In order to be able to meet the individual customer requirements in the future, Hagelschuer has offered boiler houses made of pre-cast concrete parts in addition to the container design since then.

The heating system

The variably-tested building system made of reinforced, pre-cast concrete parts meets all specifications of European product standard DIN EN 13978-1. Furthermore, it offers two major advantages over the container design. A higher fire protection classification (F90) and significantly improved noise protection.

Our project partner used a crane to set up all pre-cast parts directly on one day. The base plate was first placed on the removed ballast bed. An extra foundation is not required with this design. The side parts were then placed on the base plate. The feed water module was then inserted through the roof.

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Images of the project at Textilpflege GmbH Auerbach

Hagelschuer Referenz Textilpflege Auerbach - Kesselanlage heben

The system

The core of the system is the 4 t / 13 bar steam generator for Textilpflege GmbH and this was lifted in at the end. The roof plate was then put on and sealed with bituminous sheeting. Finally, the free-standing 10-metre smokestack was attached to the base plate. The work on the building site went hand in hand and was completed within one day. Of course, the modular design of all of the system equipment was a major benefit.

Noise-protected steam generation

The heating system in Auerbach is 3.50 m x 13.20 m x 3.80 m. Our project partner can also produce other sizes on request without problems. As noise protection was extremely important to the customer, the steam boiler system was equipped with an additional silencer. This reduces the noises in the boiler house significantly.

Hagelschuer Referenz Textilpflege Auerbach - Kesselhaus aus Beton
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About Textilpflege GmbH Auerbach

Textilpflege Auerbach is a complete supplier of textiles for hospitals and care homes. An important sector that Hagelschuer can support thanks to the right steam generators for the textile industry.

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