Project partner mediates Jule before completion

Mietkessel Jule

Our rental boiler plant Jule (3 t/h, 2.1 MW, 16 bar) had not yet been completed when we received the first inquiry from our project partner CAL Trading from the Netherlands. A dairy plant for goat milk needs an additional process steam supply as a temporary solution for approx. 2 years for the expansion of its product range. The customer’s requirements were high; in addition to a fully equipped container facility, the customer also wanted the ongoing operating costs to be as low as possible.

Max Bögl

For research and development purposes, the Max Bögel company rented the Rainer rental boiler plant from Hagelschuer for its site in Sengenthal.

Rent boiler Julius sold

Rent boiler Julius sold The rental boiler Julius became a sold GH container plant Julius (3 t/h, 2.1 MW, 16 bar) was actually intended to expand the Hagelschuer rental boiler portfolio. However, before it could come to the first rental it was already sold! In cooperation with our Dutch partner CAL Trading, we helped a […]


Speedfactory Case Study: Steam for the speedfactory Hagelschuer supplies Adidas The world-famous sporting goods manufacturer Adidas is supplied with even more energy by Hagelschuer in its futuristic SPEEDFACTORY sports shoe factory in Ansbach. Oechsler, a company specializing in plastics processing, operates the SPEEDFACTORY, where sports shoes are produced using innovative processes. The heat required for […]


Automotive supplier Borgers CONTAINER EXCHANGE IN JUST ONE DAY The company Borgers SE & Co. KGaA from Bocholt is a worldwide operating partner of the automotive industry and specialized in the development and production of acoustically effective components. At the company’s Hamminkeln site, an existing plant was exchanged for a rental boiler plant in just […]