Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann GmbH

Case Studies: 50 t/h superheated steam

Process steam supply ensured during repair work

The rental boiler project that Hagelschuer implemented for Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann GmbH in Duisburg had a lead time of three years. The metallurgical plant needed a reliable process steam supply during the necessary repair work on the steam feed line from the HKM power plant.

The task

The requirement was 50 t/h of steam with superheat. In addition, the system should run in 72-hour operation, and on-site support and supervision of the system should be provided by an outside professional. Hagelschuer was the only supplier on the market able to meet all the required criteria and was thus finally awarded the project.

The attachment

Thus, in mid-July 2021, the two free-standing rental boiler plants Jochen (28t /h, 20 bar) and Lena (23 t /h, 20 bar), the water treatment plant Sandra (18,000 l feed water vessel), and the extensive plant technology and accessories were loaded onto eight trucks. The entire plant equipment weighed approx 250 t for transport. It took the Hagelschuer fitters four days on site to erect the entire system on the gravelled surface with the help of a truck-mounted crane. After connection to the existing piping system, commissioning was carried out by Hagelschuer service technicians.

Good and thorough pre-planning pays off.

First, the plant ran in trial operation for three days before the HKM power plant started with the planned repair work. These lasted a total of 10 days. During this time, the Hagelschuer rental boiler solution reliably delivered 50 t /h of superheated steam. The feed water was heated via an existing low-pressure rail of the customer. After completion of the repairs, the plant was dismantled by the Hagelschuer fitters in just three days and transported back to the factory in Buldern.

The process steam supply was 100% guaranteed during the measures and production downtimes were completely avoided. The good and thorough pre-planning paid off once again.

About the steel mills

Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann – HKM for short – is an integrated steel mill specializing in the production of steel and starting products for the processing industry. They are a modern steel company with technically and economically optimized production stages, working conditions and environmental protection measures.

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