Bauhöfer family brewery


The Bauhöfer family brewery ( in Renchen near Ulm was equipped with a new steam boiler system plus feed water module from Hagelschuer in October 2018. This is a saturated steam system with an output of 2.6 t at 10 bar. When compared to the old oil-fired boiler, the new steam boiler system consumes ten percent less energy and therefore saves a significant amount of CO2, which made the project eligible for a grant.

The task

The entire system had to be inserted into the existing, very small boiler house.  Thanks to skilful planning and arrangement of the individual modules, the Hagelschuer experts made the impossible possible. The boiler system is equipped with the latest Weishaupt burner technology and comes in significantly below the maximum permissible NOX values. The system runs completely self-sufficiently via the control technology that is installed, all media and energy flows, and temperature data are measured and evaluated. All technical data converges in the control centre.

Images of the boiler for Bauhöfer

The system

About the Bauhöfer family brewery

Bauhöfer is a family brewery. They are now into the fifth generation of the Black Forest art of brewing. With heart, soul and the best ingredients, the brewery brews a genuine beer of the highest quality, complex in flavour and in the barrel.

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