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Conditorei Coppenrath & Wiese started on a comprehensive programme of investment together with the Oetker Group in 2017. This included expanding the location in Mettingen including new steam generators for the food industry.

The task

A completely new boiler house was erected to increase production capacities. The new steam boiler system moved in at the end of July 2020. Hagelschuer supplied a system that complies with the Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control and noise protection emissions. An existing feed water treatment system that was large enough was integrated into the new system equipment without problems. There is therefore enough saturated steam available to expand the production capacities.

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The system

The system comprises two 3.2 t/h steam boilers, each with 10 bar operating pressure, which are fired with ultra-modern NOx-reduced burners. In order to comply with the requirements of the Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control and noise protection emissions, both boilers were equipped with flue gas condensers among other things. The main function of the flue gas condensers is to cool the flue gases. The flue gas vapours are around 118 degrees and are cooled to 80 degrees Celsius. The water used fort the cooling process heats up automatically and is used for other production processes that occur.

The cooled flue gases are then guided through the silencers that are each around 4 m long. This reduces the noise output by 30 decibels before the flue gases are guided through the almost 30 m high stack in accordance with the regulations.

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About Conditorei Coppenrath & Wiese

The company is headquartered in Metting and was founded in 1975. It manufactures frozen baked goods. The range includes tortes, cakes, desserts and bread rolls. The company has been part of the Dr. Oetker Group since 2015.

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