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For the Oelde-based specialty brewery Pott’s, Hagelschuer, together with the engineering office Hebmüller, took over the planning and implementation of a steam generator. This can be used in combination with a micro gas turbine as a CHP plant.

The task

A Capstone microturbine was used to generate electricity and thermal power. The exhaust gas heat is used directly by feeding the 300 °C hot exhaust air with 17.5% residual oxygen content to a steam boiler (2 t saturated steam/h at 4 bar overpressure) as primary combustion air. The steam thus generated is used for the brewhouse and for heating the hot water network.

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Pictures of the boiler for Pott's

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The attachment

The new CHP plant at Pott’s is characterized by significantly lower fuel consumption compared to conventional plants. Thanks to the extremely compact and space-saving modular design, the oldhistoric steam engine could be preserved as a technical monument in its original location.

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About Brewery Potts in Oelde

The traditional brewery Pott’s has existed since 1769 and is now run by the 7th generation of the family. The core of the company’s philosophy is its strong ties to the region. The beer specialties are characterized by their naturalness and a long, frosty maturation. Pott’s beers are brewed with a lot of passion and craftsmanship. This is reflected in the quality.

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